Ahmet Ak and his sons, who entered the sector with flour production in 1984, have been meeting with their consumers in Turkey and all over the world with the brands “Berrak Pasta-Flour-Semolina”, “Gül Pasta”, “Pasta Rino” and "Pasta Vino" since 1995.

The importance given to infrastructure and an understanding that brings together Anatolian durum wheat with its renewed production facilities and quality control units ensure that Berrak Pasta always takes its place on the tables with its high quality and exquisite taste.

Berrak Pasta, which meets with its consumers in more than 60 provinces from Van to Edirne in Turkey through its vendors and distributors, also exports to more than 80 countries.

All Over The World

The fact that Berrak Pasta had maintained its export leadership in the region every year in parallel with the increase in pasta exportation of Turkey with each passing day has called forth for higher targets. Our company is included in the top 1000 exporters list published every year by the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

Berrak, one of the few companies engaged in integrated production in Turkey with its pasta, flour and semolina production, constantly updates its production technology. With the new production lines established in 2018, our production capacity has reached 300 tons of flour production per day, 300 tons of pasta production per day including semolina production, and 700 tons of wheat grinding capacity per day.

The high quality of all our products is the result of the importance we attach to our business, and this quality has been certified with certifications such as TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) Certificate, KASCERT Halal Certificate, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001: 2015 and FSSC 22000 Certificate. Human health is of great importance in Berrak production facilities. It is our principle to provide a hygienic environment at all stages of production.

With the awareness that the future of Turkey depends on education, we continue to contribute to the educational activities in our region within the scope of social responsibility projects.

Berrak, which introduces its products to larger masses with each passing day by participating in important fairs of the world such as Dubai (Gulfood), Japan (Foodex), France (Sial), Germany (Anuga), China (Sial) fairs, takes justified proud of having brands that are in demand from all over the world, thanks to its delicious and high quality products.